POLOLEI ‘OIA'I‘O   Sure! (That's right!)

Surely very beautiful to behold, indeed

Is the lei of budding Lehua

And the lei entrances the newcomers

To great Hawai'i island of Chief Keawe

   Of course Maui is proud to be the best

With it's lei of heavenly Rosebud flowers

With the famous waters of 'Iao

(and) Haleakala, (so)  Majestic!

Lush and verdant is O‘ahu with it's  ‘Ilima lei

The Capital of Hawai’i nei

Kaua’i (has its) Mokihana (lei,) Wai‘ale‘ale (its tall mountain,)

Reaching high above in heavenly majesty

The refrain is told with love

May the life of the land be perpetuated in righteousness

Moloka’i, Lana’i together with  Ni‘ihau

And it's for sure really true, indeed!